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What We Do: We turn all of your ideas into reality

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Established since 1994, Plas-Tech designs and manufactures vacuum-formed plastic components. Our team will make sure you receive top quality from content to repeat production part delivery.

But what does this mean?

Vacuum formed products are all around us, you just don’t know it. They play a huge part in our daily lives, they can be anything from packaging hips, bike helmets, car parts to product trays.

Vacuum forming is a simplified version of thermoforming. It is a sheet of plastic that is heated at temperature and formed against a mold by a vacuum. In simple terms.

There are huge benefits of vacuum forming:

  • Precision

  • Design Flexibility

  • Cost-Effective and cost-effective plastic materials

  • Time Efficient as they have shorter lead times

  • Lower tooling costs

Our technical team are simply the best in the industry and can even help assist with product design and any material selection to best suit you. This means we can work with you and leading material suppliers to help develop your ideas.

All of our tooling is produced in-house too, using CAD/CAM technology and multi machining centers. This may mean nothing to you, but it should. It means we can produce the highest quality tooling for vacuum forming and injection moulding.

Plas-tech can support your production by helping to develop your ideas so don’t worry if you don’t have your final idea just yet. We can help you with the process, create your design, provide rapid prototyping and make the tools needed to deliver what is needed on time and in full. That’s our promise to all of our customers.