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The Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

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Rapid prototyping is the method of creating a sample, model, or part of a model, of a product in quick succession to test and develop it further.

The Benefits

Over the years, prototyping has become an integral part of the product development process as it allows the customer to adjust their product quickly in order to create a final item that they are happy with. 

At Plas-Tech, as part of our Vacuum Forming service in Yorkshire, we create finalised prototypes in our in-house tool room for projects that need to be visualised before production, in quick turnaround time. This is for the consumers benefit and for product testing purposes.  

Why Utilise Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is generally a quicker, more cost-effective solution than creating a full working product each time an adaptation or change is required. Changes are encouraged in rapid prototyping to guarantee that the best product is created. Prototyping gives a general idea of a specific part, or the whole product, enough to be able to make sufficient improvements to the overall functionality. 

Due to the quick-moving nature of rapid prototyping and vacuum forming, there is a reduced risk of being beaten to market by competitors. The fast production times allow for the product to be tried and tested at each stage of improvement, once again ensuring that the best product is created. 

Feedback is also encouraged during the rapid prototyping process. By discussing the product and designs with potential customers, a real insight and different perspectives of the product can be heard and utilised for product improvements. These small changes can be critical to the product’s success when it eventually enters the market. 

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