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The Advantages of Vacuum Forming

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Vacuum Forming is a relatively common form of plastic moulding, in which a sheet of plastic is heated to its thermoforming temperature. The chamber in which the sheet sits over is filled with air which makes the plastic bubble, the tool is then lifted into the sheet at which point the vacuum chamber removes all the air. This forces the plastic to form around the tool creating the mould you need.

Cost Effective

The main advantage of vacuum forming over many other large moulding processes are the lower tooling costs. As the tooling has little to no moving parts, tools can be machined or cast from a single billet. As sheets of plastic are usually dedicated to a specific job, it also means waste is kept to a minimum to make the parts as cost effective as possible.

Design Flexibility

As the prototyping stages of vacuum tooling is quick and cost effective, it means you can physically prove out your concept with Ureol tooling, this means you can refine it for your final production design. Plas-Tech has a full capability suite of prototype tool manufacture, quickly turning prototype tools around within a couple of weeks, followed by full aluminium machine centre for production tools. This is all supported by a full team of experts to walk you through what you need.

Time Efficient

Vacuum Forming is often an economical choice of production. With its quick production process, less time is spent between the design and outcome of the product. Products are also introduced into the market much quicker.

Not only do we specialise in Vacuum Forming, but we’re also experts in our field. We also have a fantastic knowledge base and unrivalled technical and production capability.

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