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Value Added Assembly


  • Component assembly including fixings, brackets, inserts, lights, locks, hinges, wiring harnesses, switches
  • Bonding, welding and multi-component assembly
  • Fully assembled shower cubicles with doors, taps, shower heads and shelves
  • Assembly jigs and checking fixtures to provide repeatability


Plas-Tech’s comprehensive assembly services extend beyond mere trimming, taking your plastic components from raw material to fully assembled and functional products. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of assembly processes, ensuring we deliver complete solutions that meet your specific requirements.


We transform your plastic components into fully functional products through meticulous assembly techniques. From attaching fixtures and brackets to integrating electronics and hinges, our skilled team ensures every detail is accounted for.


We also provide complete assembly kits for easy and convenient assembly at the customer’s site. These kits include all the necessary components, hardware, and instructions, simplifying the assembly process and ensuring consistent results.