Protomould Are Now Manufacturing ‘Homeware Products’ P4 Products
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Protomould Are Now Manufacturing ‘Homeware Products’

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Our sister company, Protomould Plastics have traditionally specialised in the manufacturing of components and in house tooling however, recently they have taken this one step further. Don’t get us wrong, they still specialise in components, tools and much more but they now also manufacture plastic homeware products too. They are able to offer this as they have an absolutely unrivalled knowledge base that spans over 32 years with industry topping, technical and production capabilities.

This was a natural progression for Protomould, who as you know have been providing their quality services for many clients over the years. They are now taking on the task of manufacturing plastic homeware products using their tooling, technology and advanced machinery capabilities. They have also branched out and built a new warehouse to cater for this expedition into new ventures while being alongside the Poly Plastics Group of companies announced on the 25th Feb 2021. The group includes: Plas-tech Thermoforming, Protomould Plastics and P4 Products.

If you wish to learn more about the Poly Plastics Group and what we do, please feel free to browse the rest of our website or give us a call on 01964 544 544.