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New Factory Layout – Plas-Tech Thermoforming

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New Factory Layout

When investing in our new CMS CNC machines, we created a digital rendering of the factory to understand how we would rearrange our set-up. As with any business, maximising floor space and keeping the flow of work efficient was a key directive. Our new factory layout here at Plas-Tech Thermoforming shows how we’re investing in our business to take your business to the next level.

By laying out all 3 machines next to each other, it ensured reduced travel for forklifts & pallet trollies, whilst also making it easier to observe the operation from an immediate visual check. We also decided to move our entire assembly department upstairs to utilise our mezzanine floor area. With the change in layout, it has improved the ability to visually manage projects and also increase the work output and reliability. This gives the CNC department the ability to operate 24 hours Mon-Thurs and 12 Hours a day Fri-Sun. 

In the Vacuum Forming Department, we parted ways with our old, large-format Ridat machine. The machine was underutilised and a large consumer of floor space. In its place, we are yet to replace it with any machinery however the floor space is going to assist with the Vacuum Forming department layout which will likely change in 2023. 

Watch this space as we explore the newest technologies in Vacuum Forming; we are keen on maintaining our good working practices such as OTIF, Inventory control and cross-functional skills, whilst maintaining a safe environment.