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Thermoforming Design and Project Management at Plas-Tech

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Here at Plas-Tech, we have an experienced and established team of engineers, tool designers and technicians, all on hand to support your thermoforming design and project management requirements. By understanding your specific needs, we ensure to provide you with the best quality parts, design and management – we are your specialist thermoforming partner.

Offering a range of services, our team are experts in:

  • Vacuum forming
  • Injection moulding
  • Tool manufacturing
  • CNC trimming
  • Value added assembly
  • 3D printing

Project Management 

Here at Plas-Tech, we tailor everything to suit your needs, providing you with a single point of contact from our project management team throughout your whole journey with us. From concept to completion, we keep you up to date and informed with full project timing plans including, specific project gateways and milestones tailored specifically to you. 

Our project management teams ensure that ISO 9001-2015 standards are always taken into account as well as making sure the following are always adhered by:

  • PPAP – Production Part Approval Process
  • Bespoke Stillaging/Delivery options
  • VAA/VAE – Value Added Assembly
  • Full electrical and mechanical testing prior to despatch

Plas-Tech’s Leading Design Team

Our designers here at Plas-Tech have a wealth of experience and knowledge allowing them to understand the importance of innovation, aesthetics, cost and functionality. With each designer having their own area of expertise, our team is made up of unique talented individuals offering a fast and efficient design service, ranging from hand drawn sketches through to scalable models.  

Our team at Plas-tech are more than capable to match and exceed your plastic thermoforming requirements. If you are in need of a thermoforming expert to take your idea from concept to reality in the fastest time possible, get in touch with our team of experts who can advise on the next stages.