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Plas-Tech’s technical expertise and experience means we can guide you through the most challenging projects when plastic component design and material selection are vital for the success of the project.

On a recent project through close customer collaboration at the design stage we created 32 plastic vacuum formed components for use on an off road vehicle to operate in harsh environments and extreme terrain.

The Cabin Floor, Chassis Protectors and Front Air Intake. Specified in an engineered Polyolefin to provide high levels of toughness and impact strength to give the required durability even at sub-zero temperatures, along with a low C.L.T.E., excellent UV protection and chemical resistance.

Exterior Panels Front Hood, Rear Engine Cover, Wheel Arches.  PMMA/ABS self-coloured high gloss white with excellent UV resistance, high impact performance and excellent weatherability.

Interior Dash Panel and Instrument Surround. PMMA/ABS with low matt texture and colour matched providing high impact performance and a quality visual appearance.

Once the designs and material recommendations where approved Plas-Tech moved into tooling design and manufacture of all the vacuum form mould tools using our in-house tooling facility for prototyping and production supply of parts.