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Quotations, design and manufacture for over 20 mould tools and trim jigs.  Vacuum Form, CNC trim and assemble 13 large interior and exterior components with supported on-site installation all within a 10 week concept to delivery lead-time!  Following a detailed and thorough supplier nomination process Plas-Tech was chosen because of our fast proto-type tooling, technical support and an exemplary customer service history.

While working actively with the customer, there were numerous design changes to project manage. This meant Plas-Tech had to be reactive and flexible to ensure these design changes could happen without hampering final delivery.


All parts delivered on-time-in-full.

Overall, the project consisted of 2 dumper vehicles. A 6 & a 9 tonne machine, the larger moulded parts supplied being over 1500mm x 1000mm. Components specified for external use produced from UV High Gloss PMMA/ABS with internal parts from virgin textured ABS. Parts were supplied in a standard stock colour allowing the customer to paint to match their own corporate colour.

Several parts required internal metal frame supports to be assembled. Plas-Tech guided the customer’s production team with adhesive selection and best practice methods for bonding metal to plastic. Plas-Tech’s expert knowhow ensured the first parts where installed without issue. Both Plas-Tech and our customer were extremely pleased with the final result, the vehicle will be revealed at one of Europe’s largest construction exhibitions in Paris later this month. Full vehicle photos will follow once the reveal has happened and we will follow with more updates!