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6 Months at Plas-Tech — Mark Slade, Business Development Manager

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Here at Plas-Tech, we recently welcomed our newest member of the team — Mark Slade, our new Business Development Manager. Mark has been a part of the Plas-Tech vacuum forming team for around 6 months now and is already a huge asset, bringing in 28 years of industry experience!

We’ve recently sat down with Mark to get an insight into his past experience, personal life, and his time at Plas-Tech so far! 

What is Mark’s Experience?

Mark entered the vacuum forming industry straight after he left college in 1995. Since joining the industry, Mark has gained a large portfolio of contacts, a wealth of knowledge, and an incredible insight into every aspect of the vacuum forming industry. 

Since first landing in the vacuum forming industry, Mark has worked at every possible position from shop floor to supporting development projects and to now moving into the sales team. 

The knowledge and experience Mark has gained has been and will continue to be a huge asset to the future success of Plas-Tech.

What are Mark’s Personal Interests?

Despite being in the vacuum forming industry for nearly 30 years, when he finds some spare time outside of work, Mark has a range of hobbies and interests. A major interest of Mark’s is music, so much so, he plays in a local cover band. Away from the music, Mark also enjoys a game of golf! 

Mark Slade Business Development Manager, Plas-Tech Thermoforming, Vacuum Forming

What Does Mark Hope to Bring to Plas-Tech?

“My 28 years of knowledge means that I am able to see any issues from all angles. Previously, I have worked as Production Engineer, Cell Team Leader, Development Technician, and Account Manager, so I have a broad understanding of all levels of what is required in busy, modern manufacturing”.

What Attracted Mark to Work for Plas-Tech?

“Plas-Tech is a forward-facing company, growing year on year. Their continuous investment in people and machinery showed me the intent of the company, this, alongside a team full of experience, made it impossible not to join!”

Although only being part of the Plas-Tech for 6 months, Mark has established himself as a core part of the sales team and the Plas-Tech team.