Plas-Tech were delighted to work on a joint project with a major customer in helping them resolve on-going problems with a non-plastic highly aesthetic product.



To replace problematic traditional wooden corner pieces in a Motorhome Overhead Locker System with a highly aesthetic thermoformed HIPS component. The customer brief was that Plas-Tech provide a solution that is not only more cost effective and lighter in weight but of a high quality that matched the other wood products. 


The Project

The main challenge to the project team was in ensuring the selected materials closely matched the existing contrasting locker door wood grain and colour. By utilising our strong supplier relationships we developed two highly aesthetic foiled HIPS sheet products suitable for thermoforming that matched perfectly. 

corner pod close up.jpg

Initial component geometry and tolerance concerns where resolved by applying Plas-Tech technical know-how and our in-house tool manufacturing skills.

The component is a two part assembly requiring machined aluminium multi-impression mould tools produced in-house at Plas-Tech achieving optimum efficiency for manufacture.

The result

The final component is a high quality two part assembly from thermoformed decorative foiled HIPS that exceeds the customers target for cost, weight, tolerance, matched aesthetics and quality. Our customer was so impressed with the product they now specify these products to be used in their flagship models.